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American Eagle Outfitters:

Service System

Designing a seamless retail experience for American Eagle Outfitters employees and customers by enhancing AEO devices, services, and retail space. (E.g. MPOS, Cash & Wrap, Employee IDs)

AEO: Service System

The AEO Service System is designed to integrate AEO tools and devices within the retail/digital space to provide the most seamless experience for AEO employees and customers. 

The Service System focuses on three core devices: MPOS (Mobile Point of Sales) Devices, Service Stations, and Eagle IDs.

Multi-Purpose Service Stations

Service Stations are multi-purpose modular stations equipped with everything that is needed to carry out a mobile or cash transaction (printing , cash drawer, bagging, 

Eagle IDs: Profile and Access Cards


AEO Employees are equipped with Eagle IDs that provide easy access to fitting rooms, Service Stations, and other devices/spaces on the retail floor. Eagle IDs are also used to clock in-and-out during shifts. 

Eagle IDs are designed to provide a more a more humanizing experience between employees and customers 

Easy Authentication Process

AEO Employees are able to use their Eagle IDs to access and login into their store devices to access carry out transactions and access any of their store applications.

Redesigned MPOS Devices

MPOS Devices are skined with AEO branding

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