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Active I.Q.

Designing a new web experience for NetApp customers to better manage, track, and maintain their systems. 


Design Lead (UX/UI)

Customizable Dashboards

Dashboards are designed to be adaptive and flexible by enabling micro and macro customization. Users can freely create unique dashboards based on the scope their inventory, and manage specific widgets that belong on the dashboard for a more tailored experience. 

Actionable Insights and Recommendations

[Actionable Insights Page]

Actionable insights and recommendations provides guidance and information to help Active IQ customers to better navigate and manage their systems. Users can compare their plan and version options

Actions Items 

Active IQ is newly designed with an 'action' focused lens. Action Items are organized by category and severity. Users are able to easily access their action items in one consolidated location and receive live updates of system changes.

Collaborating and Tracking with Action History

Users can gain an overview understanding of any changes and updates. UsersTrack changes and get Collaborate and stay updated with your team. 

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