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IBM Research

Bot Manager

Designing a new web experience for virtual assistants (bots) for developers and product teams to effectively build and manage bots.


Design Lead (UX/UI)

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Create, track, and manage bots more effectively

The new site re-approaches how bots are created, tracked, and managed. Widgets enable users to preview created bots, view submission information, and identify errors. Users can easily find and resolve errors more effectively. 

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Improving organization and accessibility

Building a bot requires users to organize substantial amounts of information and content. The new site is designed to guide users through this complex process. Status of submission and progress are tracked for better site navigation and engagement. 

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Edit and view at the same time

The site is designed to allow users to view and edit content in one view for maximum accessibility. Panels are used throughout the site to allow users to engage with specific content without leaving their current screen.  

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Interactive PD Flow Editor

Use the PD Flow Editor to visually create bots. PD Flow Editor allows developers to use existing content and code to seamlessly create and edit bots. Users can use the various editing functionalities to build, test, and deploy their bots.

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Collaboration made easy

Collaborate with your teams easily with the various management tools available. Organize and edit your team members/teams more effectively. 

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