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PNC Bank 

Mobile App (iOS)

Designing a new app experience for PNC customers to better manage and navigate through their banking needs.


Design Lead (UX/UI)

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Stay Updated

Notifications, app updates, and routine reports help PNC customers stay updated with all their banking activities and help them plan for the future. 

Improved User Experience

Users can quickly view specific information and take action with a tap of a button. Widgets allows users to quickly view high level information easier, such as: goals, spending, savings, etc.

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Payments made easy

Make payments and transfers easily with the newly designed payments flow. Make one-time payments or recurring payments, and keep track of pending and future payments. 

Personalize your account

Personalize your banking experience with your goals, desired metrics, and feedback. Use the various robust features to better help you stay on top of your accounts and goals.  

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Tracking made easier

Track your transactions and banking activities more effectively and efficiently. See more in depth information about each transaction to better help you stay on top of your accounts. 

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