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Active I.Q.

Designing a new web experience for NetApp customers to better manage, track, and maintain their systems.


Design Lead (UX/UI)

NetApp: Active I.Q.

I was responsible with co-leading this engagement for the UX and UI work streams. Our goal for this project was to redesign the cloud management experience with a user-centric lens, develop a new UI kit for the NetApp brand, and successfully building client relations through IBM's services and Enterprise Design Thinking philosophies and methodologies.

Web Architecture and Experience

With the newly designed web experience, Active IQ is designed to optimize task resolution and upgrade processes, and is organized to give users an easy and intuitive way to navigate through the web experience. Users are able to freely personalize their experience through the various customizable capabilities and features available throughout Active IQ. 

Customizable Dashboards

Dashboards are designed to be adaptive and flexible by enabling micro and macro customization. Users can freely create unique dashboards based on the scope their inventory, and manage specific widgets that belong on the dashboard for a more tailored experience. 

System Wellness

Through the lens of wellness, tasks are organized by priority and grouped to solve multiple actions at once through Wellness cards. Actionable insights and recommendations provide guidance to help Active IQ customers to better navigate and manage their systems. Users can compare their options

Wellness Cards

Each Wellness card provides a solution, plan/guide, documentation, and impact metrics to quickly give the user the ability to see how their solution will impact their systems. All necessary information is provided to the user to implement the desired solution.

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