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Product Design 

Living Vessel: Rotoform Form Study

Living Vessel

This vessel houses a carefully arranged air plant, rock, and stick. The form of the vessel embodies the characteristics of the elements that the vessel houses.


Through carefully though out orientation, arrangement, and relationship between the vessel and its elements, the vessel is designed to be a visual and physical interface within the environment they are placed.

Project Brief: Objectives

  • to introduce approaches in form-giving through the use of the lathe and a vacuum thermoforming process.

  • to create a vessel form that visually complements the formal qualities of a specific natural element.

  • to create a functional object that interfaces with the environment/content.

  • to develop a set of critera and articulation for form-making decisions.

Process & Development

By turning the block of blue foam on the lathe, I was able to experiment with rotational form and understand form-giving with the lathe. I used various knives and sanding paper to refine details and give shape to the rotational form. After experimenting and refining the flange design, I proceeded doing the same process that was done with blue foam with wood. This vessel was developed by joining two sheets of styrene that were vacuum-formed and thermo-formed over a wooden template turned on a lathe. 


Living Vessel

Project Process

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