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Product Design 

Flow Spatula

Introduction: Designing a Spatula

This project introduces methodologies for the generation of forms with complex transitional surfaces. Through observation and experimentation, I designed a spatula out of solid wood. By using a band saw to make four distinct cuts and 180 grit sandpaper, I was able to accurately generate a spatula to my specifications.

Project Brief: Objectives & Challenges

-  To introduce basic approaches in form-giving.


-  To develop fluency in expressing ideas through two dimensional orthographic representation and sketching.


-  To exercise critical judgement in the analysis of two and three-dimensional forms.


-  Sketching and exploring form

-  Exploring usability and functionality 

Prototyping with blue foam, bandsaw, orbital sander, and sanding blocks

-  Plan and illustrate production process

-  Produce final product using poplar wood


Flow Spatula

Project Process

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