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Product Design 

4B Stool [Four Board Stool]

Form Study

Introduction: Four Board Stool 

This project introduced methodologies for the generation of additive geometrical constructions that exhibit rudimentary functionality and is informed by the criteria set, in this case being a footstool. A three-dimensional solid wooden form was generated with four boards from a 10" x 60" plank  of wood. The geoform demonstrates hierarchical structure of additive planar surfaces at right angles in a well balanced composition and attention to detail, space, and craft.

Project Brief: Objectives & Challenges

-  To introduce basic approaches in form-giving, joining and finishing.


-  To develop fluency in expressing ideas through two-dimensional isometric representation and orthographic drawing.


-  To exercise critical judgement in the analysis of two dimensional arrangements and three-dimensional forms.


4B Stool

Project Process

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